Los Angeles Live by Ian King

Ian Mitchell King is a dynamic individual whose multifaceted career spans legal mediation, real estate, and community building. Known for his exceptional ability to resolve disputes, Ian has also made significant contributions to Los Angeles through his real estate investments and community initiatives. Beyond his professional achievements, Ian’s true passion lies in enriching the lives of his fellow Angelenos. This passion has given birth to Los Angeles Live, an innovative initiative designed to encourage citizens to embrace life fully and move beyond the superficial allure of the city’s limelight.

The Birth of Los Angeles Live

Los Angeles Live is more than just a community group; it’s a movement that Ian King created to inspire residents to engage deeply with their city and each other. The name is a clever play on words, urging people to truly "live" and experience the richness of life in Los Angeles, rather than getting caught up in the glitz and glamour. Through this initiative, Ian aims to foster a sense of community, connection, and personal fulfillment among Angelenos.

Ian’s Philosophy

Ian’s philosophy is simple yet profound: life in Los Angeles should be about meaningful experiences and connections, not just the pursuit of fame and fortune. Drawing from his extensive background in conflict resolution, real estate, and community engagement, Ian uses Los Angeles Live as a platform to promote holistic living and genuine human connections.

Events and Places Hosted by Los Angeles Live

Ian leverages his deep ties to the city and his diverse skill set to host a variety of events and activities throughout Los Angeles. These events are designed to bring people together, promote wellness, and celebrate the city’s vibrant culture.

Sunset Yoga at Griffith Park: Every month, Ian organizes a sunset yoga session at Griffith Park. These gatherings combine physical wellness with the serene beauty of nature, providing a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Art Walks in the Arts District: Partnering with local galleries, Ian hosts monthly Art Walks in the Arts District. These events highlight the work of local artists, foster cultural appreciation, and provide an opportunity for residents to connect over shared interests. Learn more at https://www.iankinglosangeles.art/ 

Community Picnics at Echo Park Lake: Los Angeles Live frequently hosts community picnics at Echo Park Lake. These picnics feature live music, food from local vendors, and activities for all ages, creating a relaxed environment for people to socialize and enjoy the outdoors.

Wellness Workshops in Silver Lake: In Silver Lake, Ian organizes wellness workshops that cover topics like mindfulness, nutrition, and stress management. These workshops aim to equip residents with tools to lead healthier, more balanced lives.

Neighborhood Cleanup Days in Venice Beach: Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Ian leads neighborhood cleanup events in Venice Beach. These days are dedicated to keeping the beaches clean and promoting a sense of communal responsibility.

Cultural Festivals in Downtown LA: To celebrate the city’s diversity, Los Angeles Live hosts cultural festivals in Downtown LA. These festivals feature music, dance, and cuisine from various cultures, promoting inclusivity and cultural exchange.

Ian’s Other Ventures

Ian’s passion for community building is mirrored in his other ventures. As a non-practicing attorney specializing in mediation, Ian has resolved numerous disputes across Los Angeles, saving parties time and money while fostering harmony. His real estate business, Los Angeles Homes, showcases his expertise in the local market, with investments in neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Silver Lake, and Santa Monica, as well as properties in Orange County and Las Vegas.

Additionally, Ian is the driving force behind Laughing 4 Love, an organization dedicated to resolving conflicts through laughter and love. This initiative highlights Ian’s belief in the power of positive human connections and his commitment to making LA a better place.

A Quote from Ian King

Reflecting on Los Angeles Live, Ian says, “Living in LA is about more than just being in the spotlight; it’s about finding joy in everyday experiences and building a community that supports and uplifts each other. Through Los Angeles Live, we’re creating spaces where people can truly connect, grow, and thrive together.”

The Vision for the Future

Ian King envisions Los Angeles Live as a catalyst for change, inspiring residents to live more fully and authentically. By continuing to host diverse and engaging events, Ian aims to build a stronger, more connected community that values real experiences over superficial appearances. His dream is for Los Angeles Live to become a model for other cities, demonstrating how community-driven initiatives can transform urban living.

Ian King’s dedication to his community, coupled with his professional expertise and diverse interests, makes him a true asset to Los Angeles. Through Los Angeles Live, he is redefining what it means to live in LA, encouraging residents to embrace a life of meaning, connection, and joy.